Is it time to replace your shower? If so, then you have a few choices to make, and one of the first is determining which type of shower entrance is best for you. Below is some information about the three main types of shower entrances: step-up showers, ramp entry, and zero threshold showers. Which one provides the benefits that you’re looking for?

Step Up Shower

If you want a traditional shower, then a standard, step-up shower is what you’re after. These showers feature curbs that are two to six inches above the shower drain, so you have to step over the threshold to use your shower.

Benefits of Step-Up Showers

  • Homes with at least on step-up shower have a higher resale value.
  • These showers are usually less expensive than other shower types.
  • It can be easier to bathe children in a step-in shower.

Zero Threshold Shower

As the name suggests, a zero-barrier shower has no curb. Since this shower is flush with the rest of your floor, there is nothing to step over; you simply walk in.

Benefits of Zero-Threshold Shower

  • These showers are more open and easier to move around in.
  • Your bathroom will look and feel larger.
  • Those with limited mobility can better maintain showering safety and independence.

Ramp Entry Shower

ADA-compliant shower ramps can be added to a shower base to allow for wheelchair accessibility. They are custom measured and installed to fit the shower base to ensure safe and convenient access.

Benefits of a Shower with a Ramp

  • Shower ramps improve accessibility for people in wheelchairs.
  • Caregivers can assist their clients with bathing more easily.

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