When you are planning out a shower remodel, it might be hard to decide which accessories you want to have installed in your new shower enclosure. Your bathroom remodeling company may have lots of accessories available—from the soap dish to a footrest for shaving your legs. If you are wondering what the best choice would be consider some of the top three accessories chosen by other homeowners.

Shower Bench Seat

A sturdy bench seat can provide a comfortable place to sit when you are in the shower. Whether you want a spot for shaving or need a place to rest when you feel tired, there are plenty of durable, long-lasting shower seats available for installation.

Many homeowners who are aging in place add a bench seat to their showers to improve accessibility. You can also add shower benches as part of a full shower replacement project.

Convenient Shower Shelving

There is a vast selection of shelving available for the shower. It is easily one of the most desired accessory options for a shower. Mixing and matching shower shelving ensures there is always room for your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and shaving supplies.

Some options that supply maximum storage opportunities for homeowners are tower caddy units that sit in the corner of the shower. These caddies feature multiple shelves that can hold all your different bath products. Some even come with footrests to make shaving easier.

ADA-Compliant Grab Bars

If you have any trouble standing or experience dizziness while in the shower, you might want to have an ADA-compliant grab bar installed in the shower. These grab bars are anchored into the wall to supply enough strength to support your bodyweight without failing.

Speaking of, handlebars are also popular for shower remodels. Install a towel bar in the shower so your towel is right there to use when you finish washing up.

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