When putting together a bathroom that you love and appreciate, the aesthetics, practicality, and ambiance must complement each other. To get the lifestyle you deserve, you must take charge of the minor things. From building your dream bathroom to planning what your entire home aesthetic will look like requires proper planning and expertise. In this article, our experts suggest tips to show you how to make your master bathroom a dream come true. 

Swap Out Paint Colors or Designs

If you aim to give your bath space a fresh new look, nothing says "new me" better than a redone paint or design job on your bath walls and counters. Choose a color or pattern and design that matches your lifestyle and taste. Don't be afraid to go for a vibrant pop of color or stick to cool neutrals for a minimalist aesthetic. EZ Baths have various colors to choose from, including fun options like Juparana granite and canyon slate and calmer options like white, almond, and rosa slate.

Bring in a Statement Mirror

Sometimes, contractors fit in basic mirrors from the bathroom aisle at a nearby store. These are not always bad, but you have to bring in some flair when you want to create the bathroom of your dreams! Go out and choose a mirror that reflects your personality and taste. All you need to do is hang it and let it add visual interest to your bathroom. 

Find the Right Lighting 

When it comes to aesthetics, getting the proper lighting is vital. There are many lighting options beyond the basic builder-grade overhead lighting that don't cost a fortune. Consider swapping the basic stuff for a dramatic chandelier or statement-colored or bright lights for an authentic aesthetic effect. With the right lighting, fixtures, and colors, your bathroom can become the showstopper you have always dreamed of.

Consider Tub or Shower Conversions

If you have an old shower or tub that no longer serves its purpose of creating a stunning bath, it might be time to consider a conversion. We offer shower-to-tub and tub-to-shower conversions that instantly transform your bathroom.

Revamp Your Bathtub

You can revamp your bathtub if its glory days are long gone, but you still don't want to swap it for a shower. EZ Baths Bathtub remodeling services can replace your old tub with a new, elegant tub. We offer various styles and color options to choose from so that your dream bathroom can come to life. 

Renovate Your Shower 

As with renovating your bathtub, your solution may be as simple as renovating your shower. Your bathroom can look new, from entirely new shower installations to adjusting small fixtures like doors, showerheads, and faucets. 

Use Accessories to Create Your Dream Bath

Your Bathroom is much more than your bathtub or shower. Little accessories can contribute to making your bathroom look well put together. We source only the highest quality accessories to elevate your bathroom experience. These accessories include stylish soap dishes, shelves, towel bars, showerheads, rods, doors, and faucets. 

Consider Accessibility

If your dream master includes having more accessibility, then remodeling is in order. Your accessibility boosting features could be as simple as sturdy handrails to more complex stuff like installing a roll-in shower, easy-access tub, or expanding door openings and adjusting sink heights. 

Attaining your dream bathroom shouldn't have to be a hassle. If you are ready to upgrade your bathroom for one that will make you happy and comfortable, contact EZ Baths today! We offer free quotes and consultations for all bath, shower, and accessibility remodeling options. Our professional remodelers and designers are factory trained and incredibly skilled in bringing your dream bathroom to reality.