If you're reading this, you've likely already been considering making some updates to your small bathroom. While it can feel hopeless with all the standard tub and shower replacement services overshadowing upgrades for smaller bathrooms, there is still hope.

EZ Baths and Walk-In Tubs has a wide range of bathtubs and showers for standard-sized bathrooms, but we also offer options for custom upgrades for smaller-sized bathrooms, because everybody deserves their own little piece of paradise.

Smaller Bathtub Options

Updating your bathroom, regardless of size, adds a little luxury to your morning showers or evening baths, making it a worthwhile investment. At EZ Baths, we want to services bathrooms of any size, so in addition to our standard 5' tub options, we offer custom 4.5' tubs as well for smaller bathrooms.

With a variety of color and style options, our small bathtub options help to bring out the full potential of your bathroom. We even offer custom wall-surround services to make the aesthetic of your bathroom more cohesive.

Additionally, we offer walk-in tubs with a narrower width than standard tubs, so aging in place can be comfortable and convenient in even the smallest bathroom.

Smaller Shower Options

Everybody wants the giant, waterfall-like shower that the Hollywood stars have but, with a small bathroom, it's hardly an achievable dream. That doesn't mean that you can't still have a little luxury in your bathroom!

EZ Baths has small, elegant shower options to complement your small bathroom. With shower bases that are 3' or less in length and width, we can squeeze a beautiful new shower into a closet if we had to (though the water hookup would be a nightmare).

We can design the shower walls to the exact dimensions of your space, and with a variety of color and style options, we have something for everyone.

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It's time to update your small bathroom and with EZ Baths on your side, you'll have your own palace tucked into your home in no time. Call today to talk to one of our friendly representatives, or submit an online form for a free quote!