If you’re looking for accessible bathing options for your Baton Rouge, Louisiana home, deciding between a walk-in tub and a walk-in shower can be a difficult decision. Both styles have unique benefits and drawbacks, many of which are dependent on your lifestyle.

Whether you’re living with mobility issues or have the desire to age-in-place, it’s important to choose the right bathing option to accommodate your needs so you can live comfortably and independently in your home. Before you jump into a bathtub or shower replacement, the professionals at EZ Baths have some advice to consider when choosing between a walk-in tub and a walk-in shower.

Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

A traditional high-sided bathtub can make bathing difficult—and dangerous—for those with mobility issues. By choosing a walk-in tub as a bathtub replacement, you can drastically reduce the risks of slips and falls in your bathroom since you are able to simply open the door and walk directly into the tub.

Walk-in tubs are especially helpful for anyone who has difficulty standing for extended periods of time. Plus, many walk-in tubs are available with features such as air and water jetting, a heated back rest and seat, and aroma and chroma therapy. With these features, a walk-in tub provides more than safety—it delivers additional health benefits, such as:

  • Relaxing Muscle Tension
  • Relieving Stress
  • Promoting Circulation
  • Reducing the Effects of Chronic Pain Conditions
  • Providing Support for Painful Joints

Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

If you use a wheelchair on a daily basis, a walk-in shower might be a safer option if you are unable to stand and need the ability to simply transfer from your wheelchair to a sturdy, comfortable seat using an ADA-compliant grab bar. If you have a small bathroom, a walk-in shower also takes up less space than a tub and makes navigating your space easier and safer. Walk-in showers can also be a dramatic style element in a master bath and add value to your home.

Beyond providing a safe bathing solution, walk-in showers also come with numerous benefits, including:

  • Low-Maintenance Upkeep
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant Surfaces
  • Custom Tile and Stone Design Options
  • Wide Selection of Colors, Styles, and Bases

You might be wondering what to do if you currently have a bathtub, but have decided to install a walk-in shower. A popular bath renovation offered by professional remodelers is a tub-to-shower conversion. Shower conversions can usually be completed quickly—without the mess and long timeframe of a traditional remodel—and can be designed to accommodate you accessibility needs.

At EZ Baths, we want your bathroom remodeling project to be a perfect fit for your needs, lifestyle, and budget. If you would like help deciding between a walk-in tub and a walk-in shower, reach out to our team today! Give us a call to speak with a knowledgeable representative, or use our convenient online form now to request your free, no-obligation consultation and cost estimate.