When it comes to taking time to relax, nothing compares to a long soak in your very own bathtub. In addition to being a luxurious way to enjoy some time alone to unwind, bathing also offers a wide range of health benefits for those able to enjoy a warm bath on a regular basis.

For people with limited mobility, however, bathing in a standard tub can be difficult or even impossible. That’s why our bathtub company is committed to serving all our customers with our brand-new range of walk-in tubs designed for safety, accessibility, and stunning beauty.

EZ Baths is committed to helping all our customers enjoy a wonderful bath experience on a regular basis. That’s why we’re excited to reveal our new collection of luxurious walk-in bathtub products, engineered with the same integrity and quality we’re known for as a leading walk-in bath company in New Orleans. If you’re thinking about adding a premium-quality, handicap-accessible bathtub to your home, take a look at the newest additions to our inventory at EZ Baths for inspiration.

EZ Acrylic Walk in Tub

Our range of EZ Acrylic Walk-In Tubs are built with high-performance, durable acrylic materials. Like all our bath products at EZ Baths, EZ Acrylic tubs can be customized to suit your exact needs and preferences. Whether you go for the Soaking or Dual model, the possibilities are endless for homeowners hoping to design the bathtub of their dreams.

The EZ Acrylic model can have its height adjusted, ensuring easy access for anyone. Cushioned headrests and carefully crafted ergonomics make this model incredibly comfortable. Additional hydro massage jets are an optional feature that can be added on and positioned in various locations to massage the key areas of the body.

EZ Out Walk-In Tub

The EZ Out Walk in Tub was designed for sheer luxury and stress-free relaxation and includes aromatherapy features for a true spa-like experience. Special features include an outward-swinging door for easy access and a variety of standard and optional add-ons. Choose between the Dual or Hydro model, depending on your priorities and personal style.

  • Dual Massage: The Dual Massage model is a feature-rich bathtub, with functions like Dual Massage Jetting and LED Chromatherapy controlled from your TOUCHSTONE Master Keypad for customized bathing comfort.
  • Hydro Massage: Hydro Massage model includes thirteen strategically placed jets for ultimate stress relief. The system targets critical areas on the body to maximize its pain relief potential. Even better, nine of the thirteen jets are adjustable so that you can tailor the massage to suit your preferences.

EZ Transfer Tub

The EZ Transfer tub is also feature-rich and offers an unforgettable bathing experience. This tub is especially unique because it has an L-shaped door as opposed to the traditional U-shaped doors on traditional walk-in tubs. This unique shape makes for an easy transfer from a wheelchair to the bathtub seat, making it a comfortable choice for wheelchair users. The shape of the door also means it can bypass any obstacles that might be nearby.

No matter which model you choose, we’re certain that our beautiful range of walk-in tubs will provide the safe, accessible, and relaxing bath experience you deserve. If you can’t wait to relax in one of these walk-in tubs and you’re looking for a bathroom remodeler to customize your bathroom for better mobility, our remodeling experts at EZ Baths can help.

For more information about EZ Baths and our stunning line of walk-in tubs, give us a call to speak to a representative or fill out our online form for a free, no-obligation, in-home pricing estimate.