Going Tubless with EZ Baths

Taking a hot soak at the end of an exhausting day can be a great indulgence, but what do you do when bathing causes discomfort or becomes dangerous? What if you just don’t have the time you thought you would to relax in the bath? One of the most popular home renovation trends at the moment answers these questions with ease: you create a tubless bathroom. Why consider a tub-to-shower conversion in your Baton Rouge bathroom? Check out our three favorite benefits of a walk-in shower below!

Additional Space

Well-constructed tubs are beautiful, but they can also add a lot of bulk to your bathroom. Open up your bathroom with a functional and luxurious shower from EZ Baths & Walk-In Tubs! Our experts craft your shower using high-quality and durable BCI Acrylic, ensuring a lifetime of long-lasting beauty.

Easy Maintenance

When lowering yourself into a tub becomes uncomfortable and difficult, stooping and bending to clean your tub become cumbersome chores. Walk-in showers are easy to clean because they have fewer spaces for dirt and grime to accumulate, they often feature less metal that requires constant cleaning, and you can stay upright as you clean your shower walls.

Handicap Accessible

Installing a barrier-free shower creates a safe and comfortable bathing environment for those who are aging or experience limited mobility. Simply roll your wheelchair into the shower for easy access, and we offer bath accessories, such as built-in shower caddies, seating, and ADA-compliant grab bars, that further enhance the safety of your new walk-in shower.

Reduce your chances of slip and fall injuries and get more usable space in your bathroom by choosing a tub-to-shower conversion from EZ Baths & Walk-In Tubs, an ADA compliant remodeler. As the Baton Rouge, Louisiana bath experts, we have the knowledge, products, and services you need for a convenient and affordable bath to shower conversion. Get more information today by giving us a call or request your free, no-obligation estimate by completing our quick online quote form right now.