EZ Baths: 3 Signs It's Time to Replace the Tub Surround

The bathroom is one area of the home that sees a lot of heavy traffic, but doesn't always get the upkeep attention it needs. In general, people don't get as excited about their bathrooms as they do about other rooms of the home. Eventually, however, you may find, in your own home, signs that it's time for an upgrade or overhaul. The tub and its surround can be particularly susceptible to damages or trouble. Check out a few signs that it's time for a Houston tub surround installation.

1) Scratches, Dents and other Visible Damage

The normal wear and tear in the bathroom will probably lead to some visible damage eventually. You may find that the grout is peeling. There may be cracks in the surround or worn spots that seem weaker than the rest of the surround. Maybe the original color has faded and simply look dingy. Maybe the fixtures are leaking. Don't ignore signs of wear; even a small crack could allow moisture to penetrate behind the surround.

2) Concerns About Mold or Mildew

Daily showers, gray water and a warm confined space can lead to the buildup of mold or mildew. You may not notice the signs of trouble right away, but eventually the surround could become stained. Any unexplained discoloration should serve as a warning and should prompt you to investigate the replacement of your existing surround

3) An Intent to Sell the Home

If you are planning to sell your home, you might want to consider upgrading your bathroom. Not all changes will increase the value of the home, but a Houston tub surround installation could certainly help you sell your home more quickly. Whether your existing tub surround is a few decades old or it shows signs of neglect, a new surround could go a long way toward making your bathroom more appealing to potential home buyers.

Which Reasons Apply to You?

One or more of these reasons could be applicable to you. If so, talk to a professional to determine the most appropriate course of action. You might find that bathroom remodels are nearly as fun as kitchen upgrades.