EZ Baths: 3 Reasons You May Need to Invest in a New Shower

Is your shower damaged, outdated or simply no longer serving the needs of those in your household? There are a number of things that may cause you to consider the potential benefits of Baton Rouge shower installation. These reasons may include things such as damage to the shower itself, as well as mobility changes in members of your household.

1) Shower Damage

Shower damage may take a number of forms, and is likely to occur if your house's shower is old or was not correctly installed. A damaged or poorly installed shower may sometimes begin to leak, which could potentially cause mold growth in the surrounding walls or flooring. If you notice any signs of this kind of problem, it is generally a good idea to contact a contractor right away to discuss installing a new and improved shower.

2) Limited Mobility

Every person's needs change over time. Perhaps you have begun to lose mobility due to injury or illness, and you would like to improve the accessibility of your home. Maybe you are planning to care for a family member or loved one who is dealing with mobility limitations. In either case, Baton Rouge shower installation can provide you with a wide and accessible shower space that should help smooth the process of living with limited mobility.

3) Aging in Place

The concept of aging in place is rapidly growing in popularity due to the many potential benefits it offers. A senior who is aging in place will ideally remain in familiar surroundings and continue to be included in family and community life and activities. If you or someone you love is aging in place, you may find yourself needing a shower that offers easier access and improved safety features such as bars and nonslip surfaces.

The Benefits of a New Shower

Your reasons for pursuing Baton Rouge shower installation may vary. Perhaps your current shower is damaged, or maybe you need to accommodate the needs of elderly family members or those with limited mobility. Whatever your requirements, you should be able to find a contractor who can help.