EZ Baths: Are Cold Showers for You?

There's a certain comfort, especially on cold winter mornings, to knowing that stepping into your Lafayette shower installation means warm water softly caressing your skin and easing you into wakefulness. It's hard to imagine choosing to have icy cold water pelt you and shock you into an energized state of awareness. However, while a cold shower may not be the first choice of many, there are many benefits to consider.

A More Natural You

Believe it or not, hot water is relatively new to the world of bathing (if you consider the fact that man has been bathing since he's been around), and as such, your body is more accustomed to colder water. While it's obvious to say that water which is too hot can be harmful (be more careful the next time you make pasta), even the tolerable hot water with which many bathe themselves can have adverse effects. Hot water can remove essential oils from your skin. These oils will replenish on their own, but in the meantime they leave your skin unprotected and can cause breakouts.

In addition to avoiding the adverse effects of hot water, taking a cold shower in your Lafayette shower installation also comes with a few added benefits (to make up for the fact that it makes you want to scream). Cold water can help improve your circulation, increase energy levels, and raise your core temperature. Stepping out of a cold shower makes that air seem a lot warmer, as opposed to shivering after a hot shower.


While cold showers have health benefits, they may not be for everyone. Athletes have been known to use them, as well as others who perform labor that is physically demanding. They may not be an everyday thing, but it might be worth it to try a cold shower every now and then. Stepping out of your Lafayette shower installation after a shock of ice water can be a surprisingly refreshing experience.