EZ Baths: What a Walk-In Shower Could Mean for You

When people think of walk-in showers, they might think of something that the elderly or disabled would use. Something that is easy to step in and out of and has safety features to help prevent slipping. While in Baton Rouge, a walk-in shower tub could mean just that, it doesn't have to. A walk-in shower is something that anyone can enjoy no matter their age, mobility or independence. A walk-in shower can mean-


Today, a walk-in shower has overtaken a large soaking tub. Walk-in showers have the ability to control the water temperature and even water flow, so you can have the exact showering experience you're looking for. Some setups even have a remote, so you can turn the shower on from afar and ensure that it is at the temperature that you want before you get in.

The luxury doesn't end at the water temperature. In today's walk-in showers, the showerheads bring a luxury of their own. You can get a rain showerhead, jets on down the side and really anything else that you can think of.

Lights and Music

In Baton Rouge, a walk-in shower tub also can provide a bit of entertainment. Are you looking for a place to really relax? You can set the ambience to just want you want through lights and music. The lights can be used to set a soothing mood, or they can even be programmed to let you know when you're about to run out of hot water.


When you're relaxing, standing isn't always the way to go. Many walk-in showers have non-slip seating that can be added. This allows you to enjoy the stream of water, the music, the lights and the temperature in complete comfort and safety.

Talk to a Professional

A walk-in shower does not have to mean something old and frumpy. You can get top of the line luxury, safety and usability all from a walk-in shower. No matter where you are, in Houston or Baton Rouge, a walk-in shower tub can be installed in your bathroom to give you luxury, safety, comfort and peace of mind. Talk to a professional today to find out what all of your options are.