EZ Baths: What Is Universal Design in Your Bathroom?

When remodeling, it's important to think about all the types of people who may use your bathroom. This theory is known as universal design. Outfit your home with the elements that make your lavatory accessible and safe for those of all ages, size, and ability. For Houston shower base installation, contact a business who understands universal design. Here are some of the ways your bathroom can be more accessible.

Water Temp Controls

Children and seniors may not move quick enough to keep from getting scalded in the bathroom. Scalding is one of the top burn injuries for children under four. An anti-scald technology maintains water temperature in your bathroom to prevent burns from scalding.

Safety Bars

Not everyone feels steady when they are in the bathroom. Safety bars allow a place to grip to give everyone the stability they need to feel safe and enjoy their independence. Don't forget to include anti-slip material on the bottom of your shower to keep people safe when the water makes tile even more slippery.

Seats in the Shower

It's not just those with limited mobility who may need to sit down in the shower, but this universal design concept certainly benefits those who get tired quickly. Relax in the bath or shower with an added seat.

Add Features That Fit Your Needs

The company that provides your Houston shower base installation has many more options that increase the comfort of all the users in your bathroom. Inquire about universal design when you're remodeling. It's not just for your own use, but for that of your entire family. You may want to widen the door of your bathroom and increase the floor space of your bathroom to accommodate a wheel chair.

You never know when and if you will need more accessibility in your bathroom. You could fall while running and injure yourself or your parent may need to move in. Remodel and enjoy the benefits of universal design no matter what life throws your way.