EZ Baths: Choosing Features of Your Walk In Tub

The Baton Rouge best walk in tubs come with a number of great features that increase the safety and functionality of your bathroom. Having the ability to step into your tub instead of stepping over the ledge does a lot for your security, but if you have limited mobility, it may not be enough. Here are just a few of the features you can have installed in your walk in tub or shower.

  • LCD controls - Control your tub with the touch of your fingertips instead of buttons that are hard to push. A digital display ensures the right temperature too.
  • Slip-resistant floors - This special material is better than a mat or stickers on the floor of your tub to reduce the chance of a fall when the floor is slippery.
  • Speed drain - With a walk in bathtub, you have to step into the tub before you can fill it up. This also means it has to fully drain before you can exit. A speedy drain ensures your comfort at the end of the bath by getting you out of the tub quickly.
  • Temperature controls - You have complete control down to the exact temperature of the water.
  • Ozone cleaning system- This is an automatic system that cleans your drains with ozone, a naturally occurring sanitizer.
  • Overflow protective drain - When your bathtub overflows, it increases the risk of slipping in the bathroom once you're out of the tub.
  • Hydrotherapy jets - Massage jets in your tub turn your bathroom into a safe spa that increase the circulation in your body and around your joints.
  • Chromo therapy mood lighting - Whether you want to relax or rejuvenate, the color of the lights set the mood for a perfect bath.

Look for great features of the Baton Rouge best walk in tubs that enhance your life and allow you to take baths independently and safely. Ask for the solutions that fit your lifestyle and concerns to get the most out of your bathroom.