EZ Baths: The Surprising Variety of Tub Materials

When you are searching for Shreveport bathtub installers, start by getting to know your options. There are a lot of different materials that tubs can be made out of, like enameled steel, fiberglass, cast iron, and acrylic, and each has different properties.

Enameled Steel

Enameled Steel is one of the most popular tub materials and it is inexpensive. A thin sheet of metal is pressed into the shape of a tube and then coated with porcelain enamel. They are fairly durable, although if you drop something on them, you can chip the finish, leaving it prone to rust. You also have limited options in terms of the size and shape of tub.

Cast Iron

Like steel, cast iron tubs are coated with enamel. They are extremely durable, but can be very expensive. They are the heaviest bathtubs on the market, some weighing up to a thousand pounds, and nearly always require extra reinforcement under the floor, which adds to the expense.


Fiberglass is essentially plastic that has been reinforced with glass fibers. It is lightweight and inexpensive. Fiberglass tubs can have a dull appearance, that is prone to scratching, so fiberglass tubs are usually finished with a gel coat to give it shine and protect it. Although they are an inexpensive option in the near term, fiberglass tubs are not the most durable or long-lasting. The gel coat can wear off, leaving the surface dull and difficult to clean, and it can crack over time.


Acrylic can be formed into any shape and has an extremely durable, glossy finish that is easy to clean. Acrylic tubs can be a bit more expensive than fiberglass or enameled steel tubs, but will last two or three times as long. Acrylic is naturally mold and mildew resistant, and won't crack like fiberglass can. You will find a lot of design options in acrylic as well, from colors to patterns to imitation surfaces.

When you are remodeling, there are a lot of choices to make. Shreveport bathtub installers who can give you expert advice on your remodeling project is the first step in finding a tube that you will love.