Installing a new bathtub can make a huge difference in both your mental and physical well-being. You may be considering an entire bathroom remodel, or you might just want to change out the bathtub to install something more suitable to your needs. Several factors can impact bathtub installation costs in Lafayette.

Location and Condition of Plumbing

If you are doing a total remodel and need to relocate the position of the plumbing, you'll incur more costs than if you are simply swapping out one bathtub for another. Your existing plumbing may work for an upgraded bathtub, but be sure to talk to an expert to find out for sure. If you are already having plumbing problems, upgrading your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to address them.

Existing Tile, Flooring, and Surround

If you are replacing your tub you may need to replace the materials that surround it, such as flooring and tile, whether it's because your new tub is a different shape and size or because you want to complete the look. The most important thing is ensuring that you have a watertight seal to avoid any leaks. Finding contractors who are capable of doing all of the work involved in replacing a tub can lower your Lafayette bathtub installation cost and will also save you time and give you peace of mind.

Access and Condition of Your Bathroom

A few other things to consider are whether the new tub can fit through your existing door. If not, you may need to open up part of a wall in order to fit an upgraded bathtub in. Many homeowners view this as an opportunity to refresh their decor. If your new tub is significantly heavier than your current tub, you will want to have the floor joists assessed to be sure they can support the additional weight.

When you are shopping for your new tub, talk to an expert about any questions you have about bathtub installation costs in Lafayette. A craftsman who is experienced with bathtub installation and who can manage all of the aspects of the process is your best bet for keeping costs down.