EZ Baths: A Walk-In Shower is a Safety-Plus Investment

An individual's physical limitations can make the act of bathing an arduous, even dangerous, experience. Taking a fall while showering is something that everyone wants to avoid, and the solutions offered by walk-in shower Baton Rouge are both practical and attractive.

Seniors, the handicapped and the disabled are best served by a barrier-free, slip-resistant walk-in shower that is easily accessible. Accessories that include such safety features as shower seats, grab bars and anti-scald showerheads are much in demand. Many additional features are available, including a hand-held shower head and a remote with an easy-to-use, “no-buttons” digital display that provides precise control over your shower.

The appearance of the new shower is an important consideration. Walk-in shower Baton Rouge options include the look of marble, granite, slate or ceramic tile, all in a wide selection of styles that will complement the current design of your bathroom or form the centerpiece for a complete bathroom remodel. You can choose the size and shape of your shower and get right down to the smallest details by selecting the kind of fixtures you want.

Many people opt for acrylic as the material of choice for a walk-in shower. More durable than fiberglass, which is prone to cracking and subsequent leaking, acrylic is smooth and sturdy. Practically maintenance free, it also resists mold and mildew and effortlessly retains its high-gloss good looks over time. Some fiberglass walk-in showers are manufactured overseas, but you can expect your acrylic shower to be American made and backed by a lifetime warranty.

For those who simply don't enjoy a tub bath, an easy-to-access shower is the answer. Once you've decided on materials and design, installation is the next step and this only takes a day, two at most, unless additional projects are required, such as tile or electrical work. But with the care and experience of specialists such as the walk-in shower Baton Rouge professionals, you'll be enjoying asafe and convenientnew shower experience in no time.