EZ Baths: The Benefits of a Walk In Shower Tub

An estimated quarter of a million Americans are injured every year while using the bathroom. The majority of these took place inside the tub or shower stall. With the slippery floor and the running water, the area can be a dangerous place for seniors, children, and those with physical disabilities. If home safety is a major concern, then invest in a walk in bathtub shower Baton Rouge.

The obvious benefit of a walk in tub lies in its safety. These types of tubs come with a door that can be opened and closed for easy entering and exiting. Traditional tubs require you to step your leg over to get in and out. This can prove to be difficult for some people and is also the cause of injury as some people may fall while trying to get in.

It's not just the walk-in feature that makes these tubs safer than a conventional one. A walk in bathtub shower Baton Rouge also comes with additional features. This includes handle bars placed inside the tub to prevent slipping and falling. Anti-slip mats are included in some models as well. Overall, these tubs are generally smaller and come with a seating area. The shower head and nozzles are also within arm's reach from the seated position.

Most walk in tubs require professional installation. However, some models come in the form of a detachable portable unit that comes ready to use once it is hooked to an existing faucet. Contact a supplier to find out which type of models and customization options are available for the type of your home.

In any case, most models are customizable and can be personalized to suit the needs of the individual. A walk in bathtub shower Baton Rouge is also a priceless investment because it allows users to conduct everyday hygiene without the need for assistance. This makes it ideal for those who live alone and want to retain their sense of self independence.