EZ Baths: Walk-in Shower Tubs: Safe, Functional, Versatile

If you're designing a bathroom for a mobility-impaired person, making bathing as easy and as safe as possible should be at the top of your list of goals. Though most people prefer a shower for their daily bathing, it's nice to have the option to soak in a tub. With a Baton Rouge walk-in shower tub, you can do both.


Walk-in shower tubs are safer than their standard-build counterparts. Added grab bars and seating fixtures stand out as safety enhancements, but the most important feature on a walk-in shower tub is the door that gives the walk-in tub its name. By cutting a door that plunges nearly to the level of the bathroom floor, only a few inches if the tub wall remain to be negotiated when entering or exiting the bath. Because stepping over the wall of the tub is probably the most dangerous moment for bathers, a walk-in shower tub greatly reduces the risk of falling when compared to standard-design tubs.

The Differences Among a Shower, a Tub, and a Shower Tub

There is greater versatility to a shower that catches water in a tub rather than catching it in a simple shower pan. Most standard-built bathtubs are set up for use as both a shower and a tub. When looking at walk-in models, however, it is not safe to assume that all tubs will include shower capability. Many walk-in tubs, in fact, are not design to be used as showers, though they may include a hand-held shower wand. Only a true shower tub allows you to stand and receive water from a spigot that is mounted above you and that you do not have to hold. If you would like a true shower experience, be sure to discuss your desire with a Baton Rouge Walk-in shower tub manufacturer and with the tub installer. The installer will need to plumb the space for a spigot to be mounted overhead, and a shower curtain or glass shower door that works with the door to the bath tub will need to be incorporated into the design.

A walk-in tub or shower is certain to make bathing much easier. There is no reason you need to choose between a bath and a shower, however. With a Baton Rouge walk-in shower tub, you can have both.