EZ Baths: Bathtub Replacement: Trust the Pros

Thetub is a central feature in most bathrooms, and no matter how nice your tub looked in the showroom, it must be properly installed for you to get the most from your purchase. Professional Baton Rouge bathtub installers have the experience and expertise to install your new tub quickly and to your specifications.

Trust a Professional Design

Unless you have an exceptional knack for interior design and know something about plumbing, work with a professional to get a finished bathroom that you will be happy with. Coordinating faucets, tile, and fixtures such as shower curtain rods and towel racks is more than most buyers care to think about. A pro can help you select materials that are compatible and look good together. An experienced designer will be able to estimate the project correctly, too, helping you to stay within your budget.

Trust a Professional Installation

While a skilled homeowner may be able to tackle a variety of projects on the weekends, a bath tub installation should give even the ablest weekend handyman pause. Tub installation is a big project, and it's not a one-person job. To remove the old tub and place the new one may require the removal of the toilet, the sink and possibly several doors in order to move the old tub out and the new tub in. If you jump into an installation on your own, only to find a problem midway during the project, you could be without a usable bathroom for days or even weeks.

By hiring a pro to perform the installation, you greatly simplify the project. The time and hassle you save yourself will be well worth the added expense of paying someone to perform the installation. Knowledgeable professional Baton Rouge bathtub installers work as a crew to get the job done safely, quickly and with minimal disruptions.

Replacing an old bathtub is a big undertaking, but by working with qualified vendors during the design and installation phases of the project, you can save yourself time and frustration. Some Baton Rouge bathtub installers offer both design and installation services, making for a streamlined process from start to finish.