EZ Baths: Walk-in Bathtubs for Greater Independence

Simple tasks often become significant challenges for people with reduce mobility, with bathing ranking as one of most difficult parts of the day's routine. Baton Rouge walk-in bath tubs are tailored to users who suffer from mobility impairments. They make bathing safer and easier, allowing many users to bath without assistance.

Doors Are Not Just for Showers

The most dangerous moments for bathers come while trying to enter or exit the bath tub. Even the most able-bodied people, at some time in their lives, have either fallen or come close to falling while getting into or out of the tub. Often the danger comes when a person must lift his or her leg high enough to clear the wall of the tub, which on standard baths are typically 14 to 16 inches high. At these moments, early-morning stiffness and a slippery tub floor are a perilous combination. For people with impaired mobility, the hazardsthat standard-height tub walls present aregreater still.

By cutting a door into the wall of the tub, Baton Rouge walk-in bath tubs greatly diminish the likelihood of a fall coming while entering or exiting the bath. With a door that descends nearly to floor level, walk-in tubs are designed to leave only a few inches at the base of the door which a bather must step over. Additionally, because you enter through a door, the walls on the tubs can be as high as you like. Many walk-in tubs have walls that ascend to waist-level, providing two points of contact that users may graspfor balance.

Walk-in Tubs Allow for a Deeper Soak

A by-product of the high walls on walk-in bathtubs is their much greater volume capacity when compared to standard tubs. Many walk-ins are designed with physically impaired users in mind, and engineers take advantage of the deeper basin by including jets and other hydrotherapyfeatures to increase suppleness and range of motion.

Baton Rouge walk-in bathtubs make bathing easy and safe. Replacing a standard bath tub with a walk-in tub is perhaps the most effective way toforpeople who live with reduce mobility to achieve greater independence in their daily lives.