EZ Baths: Walk-in Bathtubs for Safety and Style

Given the many benefits that walk-in bathtubs provide over standard tubs, it's a wondering they're not installed during all new home construction. Baton Rouge best walk-in tubs provide a safe and pleasurable bathing experience. With a variety ofstyles and customizable features available, there is a walk-in tub that will look great in your home.

Features of a Walk-in Bathtub

Perhaps the most distinguishable feature on a walk-in bathtub is the door gives this style of tub its name. A door in the tub wall allows you to literally walk into the bath rather than stepping over the tub wall. The door provides more than easy access, however. While standard tubs must compromise on the wall height, striking a balance between basin depth and clearance for entry, with a doored tub no compromise is necessary. The high walls of a doored tub make for a deep basin in which you can fully submerge yourself below the water line.

Some additional features of Baton Rouge best walk-in tubs include heated seats, detachable shower wands, message jets, and quick-release drains. The ability to comfortably wash while seated makes bathing easier and safer if you are at risk of losing your balance in the tub, while submerging yourself in the bath to let jets work on sore or stiff limbs is an excellent way to stay limber throughout the rest of your day. Though many tub doors use water pressure to stay closed, a quick-release drain rapidly evacuates the basin so that you can exit the bath almost immediately after opening the drain.

A Few Points on Style and Build

Retrofitting your home with a walk-in bath tub is a significant investment in your home and in your health. To get the most for your money, choose a high-quality acrylic tub over fiberglass models. Acrylic is stronger and more durable, and itholds its shine better than fiberglass will.

By working with a knowledgeable tub manufacturer and installer, you'll be able to customize your tub to match your bathroom. Options for the color, finish, and design of tub are just the beginning. A good installer will work with you on tile choices and fixture options to incorporate your bath tub into a holistic design.

Walk-in tubs provide greater safety and usability when compared to standard-model bath tubs. With many options available to customize your new tub, Baton Rouge best walk-in tubs provide functionality without sacrificing style.